Why Choose Invent Mentor?

 - by Gersh Korsinsky

Invent Mentor Offers Patent advice, Ideas & intellectual property for new inventions:

Our New York based firm’s primary focus is to help our clients make smart decisions when patenting their ideas as well as offering access to a large selection of valuable intellectual property to assist in new inventions. With personal attention and a culture that promotes long lasting relationships our unique firm is a nursery for innovation. Throughout the life of the inventing and patenting process we provide hands on guidance and ongoing communication to help our clients do what they do best – innovate!

Gersh Korsinsky
Education: Polytechnics Institute’s Radio Engineering , Electro Mechanic College, Prototypes Industrial Engineering
Experience with patent matters in the US supreme court & court of federal appeals as well as patent matters with government agencies

Do you have an idea for a new product or an innovation for an existing product or business?
Do you have a need for an intellectual property for your business?
InventMentor has mentors ready to help you on your quest to innovate.

Warning about invention scams:
There are many fast talking invention companies that prey on the hopes of inventors. They make big promises and charge thousands of dollars with the promise to evaluate, develop, patent & market their client’s inventions. After getting paid they do minimal amounts of work, only sending out unsolicited mailers to a random list of manufacturers that are oftentimes never opened. They then offer inventors marketability analisys that offers very high returns if the inventor takes the “next step” which costs $10,000-$20,000. Unsuspecting inventors can end up bankrupt before their great idea ever had the chance to flourish. Many of these ideas become abandoned and their patents worthless.

When you have a consultation with InventMentor we confidentially explain all you need to know about patents and intellectual property:

  • How to file your patent
  • How to sell or license your patent
  • How to acquire new intellectual property
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to speed up the patent process
  • How to profit from your ideas & turn your dreams into reality.
  • How to start a business around your new idea.

We also have a large portfolio of intellectual property and patents as well as business plans and opportunities which can help propel you forward.

Example services:
Customization & alteration of ideas inventions & patents
Filing, purchasing & selling patents such as
House wares & home articles
Kitchen items
Access & storage
Compact items & space savers
Standing baths
Assistance for heavy lifting/hoists
Energy producing items for home use
Garbage disposal
Tree trimmers
Real time water testing
Real time natural water collection
Home water recycling
Water distribution
Gas & exhaust collection
Metal housings & design
Safety barriers & platform security
Public transportation post systems
Aid for the hearing & visually impaired
Fire detectors, newspapers, books etc with intuitive interfaces
Computerized mail delivery
Bicycle patents for inner city travel
Religious articles
Portable kosher ritual bath installation (mikvah)